Josh Robin


Josh Robin is a television reporter and anchor for NY1 and a writer for several news sites including BuzzFeed, Politico, The Daily Beast and The New York Daily News.

Josh Robin is a journalist and fixture on the New York news scene, where he is a reporter and anchor for NY1 and contributor to BuzzFeed, Politico, The Daily Beast and The New York Daily News.

Since 2005, when he joined New York’s beloved all-news channel NY1, Robin has covered national, state, and local elections, interviewing both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and traveling extensively with Clinton’s campaign. Over the years, as he chronicled New York politics, he’s detailed a gubernatorial sex scandal, chased down countless municipal corruption convicts and didn’t buckle after a high-profile political figure threatened him (ask him about it sometime).  His work has won numerous prizes including from the Society of Professional Journalists (best investigative reporting), the New York Press Club (best political reporting) and the Associated Press (best interview).

Josh has also drawn accolades for his innovative coverage of environmental issues, including his in-depth reporting after Superstorm Sandy, which killed more than 100 people in 2012. Robin was the first to report on New York’s multi-billion dollar resiliency plan, which aims to reshape the Northeastern coast and city streetscapes with storm barriers and other measures to limit damage from harsh weather and rising sea levels.

He also received special praise for his series from the Netherlands, on ways the Dutch are preparing for the effects of climate change and the lessons their plans can have for other coastal countries facing environmental peril.

In addition to his regular reporting duties, Josh also fills in as host for NY1's nightly political and public affairs program, “Inside City Hall” (called “Road to City Hall” during mayoral election years). He regularly interviews big-name newsmakers, including every New York mayor since Ed Koch and every New York governor since Mario Cuomo.

Before he reluctantly started putting on makeup, Josh was a newspaper reporter, with stints at the New York City edition of Newsday, The Seattle Times, and The New York Times. He was on the team of finalists at Newsday for a 2004 Pulitzer Prize. He traces the beginning of his journalism career to the months he studied abroad in Kenya. As a stringer for the Nairobi Law Monthly, Robin reported on allegations of police brutality along the Kenyan border with Sudan.

A speaker of Spanish and Hebrew, Josh got his undergraduate degree from Tufts University and a MA in journalism from Stanford University. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, journalist Manoush Zomorodi, and their children. Follow him on Twitter @joshrobin.

 Democratic National Convention, Philadelphia, July 2016. Photo: Jennifer Hsu

Democratic National Convention, Philadelphia, July 2016. Photo: Jennifer Hsu